YourFitWay vision

YourFitWay vision

In YourFitWay we think long-term. Our vision is to have 10 million users in 2023. Do you think it’s a lot? If we will check some top applications it turns out that 10 million it’s a reliable number. Just take a look at this photo:

What we can see here is that mobile app potential is almost unlimited. Why? There are no borders for an application, there is no physical product that needs to take a long legislation path, and what is most important, the distribution of the application is just easy!

Another power of YourFitWay is the power of challenge. People love to challenge themselves and others. And our challenge is the best possible one – walk 10k steps for your health! I mean, who wouldn’t want to that? Soon there will be a possibility to take competitions between teams and companies in the application. Take a look at how challenges are quite popular:

The next important thing in YourFitWay vision is the ecology. That’s why we planted 1000 trees after the final of the #WalkingToTheMoon event. We want to plant more. Our goal is to build the green lungs of the Earth. From each yearly subscription, YourFitWay will plant 1 tree. Also, it will be possible to exchange gratification from 10,000 steps for planting trees. How cool is that?!

YourFitWay is all about our life should be. Remember to register if you are not a part of our community yet, do something good for your health and start earning for walking! Thanks and till the next one!

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  1. adam

    No, it’s enough they register and they are active users.

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