Tomasz Klos has joined YourFitWay

Tomasz Klos

Another celebrity joined YourFitway! Tomasz Klos famous Polish football player has joined our ranks this week. Tomasz is also an ambassador of the 4F company. Watch the video from the grand final of WalkingToTheMoon where Daniel presents Tomasz as Black Ambassador of our company.

YourFitWay is an application that allows gaining money just for walking! It is already available in 36 countries and growing fast with a target of 152 countries. Every week there is a pool split for the users. Moreover, there are challenges like #WalkingToTheMoon where you can win cool prizes.

You can join YourFitWay as well quite easily, just register here, download the app, and start your path to health and wealth! Remember – every step counts!

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