Take your business to the next level with YourFitWay!

YourFitWay it’s not only a fantastic application for the users. It is a great opportunity for people who wants to achieve something more and make their dreams come true. Become a leader, build a team, and start fulfilling your vision. YourFitWay has a great marketing plan where you decide how much you want to involve. The application is already in 80 countries, and that number is growing every day. We are still in pre-launch so packages are with special prices up to 6th November 2020. If you are ready for the challenge and work, we will happily have you on board! Remember that with our Voucher you can use App and start building your network for 30 days for free. Watch “Company and marketing plan presentation” video in Videos section.

So you already know that you can have 25% direct commission on each person registered from your link. Now it’s time to take a look how you can increase your passive income. Currently there are 4 packages you can choose from:

Standard White package that every walker have. It allows to use the app gather steps and change them for coins and dollars $. It guarantees 25% commission for each person that register from your link to YourFitWay. You get also access to 1 bonus pool (White) where you get % from the company revenue intended for all white packages registered in current month.
Gold package gives 11 vouchers that you can use to get new users and build more passive income. It allows to access 2 bonus pools (white and gold) where you get revenue from company turnover intended for these 2 lines.
Package Black gives 133 vouchers that you sell/give away to attract more people. It allows to access 3 bonus pools (white, gold and black) where you get revenue from company turnover intended for these 3 lines. It gives also access to training package Prime. Application free access for 3 years.
Package Black Ambassador gives 500 vouchers and application free for 10 years. It allows to access 4 bonus pools (white, gold, black and black ambassador) where you get revenue from company turnover intended for these 4 lines. It gives also access to training package VIP.

Direct commission you get from the users registered by you, depends from the package you have:

For example if you have package Black and someone in your structure decides to upgrade to package Black Ambassador, you will get $250. If you would have package Black Ambassador you would get $625 direct commission.

Building structure is a great way to build monthly passive income:

Distribution of commission within the 25% pool:

That’s how it looks. If you would like to get more detailed view or have some questions just write to contact@yourfitway.ch

Remember to register if you are not a part of our community yet, walk earn, build your team and drive Tesla! Thanks and till the next one!

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