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your fit way

YourFitWay is a chance to improve the quality of your life and health. What’s more, it is also an opportunity to become financially free. It is an innovative application that pays for walking. With YourFitWay App, you can earn every week for steps you made. Moreover, you care about the nature and your health. Don’t wait and start earning for walking! It’s healthy, it’s good for the environment, it’s fun! Register and download the application. Claim a voucher for 30 days so you can try the app get paid for every step you make. No matter where you live, application works in every country. We are already in 80 countries around the world!
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it's all about health

Walking is a great way to improve or maintain overall health. That’s why here in YourFitWay we set the challenge to make 10,000 steps everyday. It can help strengthen your bones, reduce body fat, improve muscle power, and endurance. There is a direct connection between walking and longevity. Making at least 10,000 steps a day will extend your life. And that is only the tip of the iceberg! Our mission is to improve the quality of life and health of people around the world. Join the game and invite your family and friends for a 10k steps challenge. For your and their health and wellbeing.


It's all about environment

One of the main goals of YourFitWay is to improve the quality of air by encouraging people to walk. Imagine the benefits to our natural environment if all of us would leave cars and walk instead. Each year, on average, one passenger in the city produces about 5070kg of carbon dioxide – CO2 (0.650kg of CO2 per 1km). By making 10,000 steps a day, we walk a distance of about 8 km. So by taking 10,000 steps 7 times a week, we save 56km, which we would have traveled by car. If we use 0.650kg of CO2 for 1km, we save 56 x 0.650 = 36kg CO2 per week!


how can i earn

With YourFitWay you can earn simply by walking and sharing. Every week (on Thursdays) there is a pool split for walkers (users of application). The company allocates 10% of its turnover for users. Secondly, you will get a 25% direct commission for every user registered from your link. It’s your passive income! It also means that it is enough to share info about YourFitWay application with 4 persons and your App will be for free! If you invite more people you will earn more money, sky is the limit! With our Voucher you have application for 30 days so you can just try it out. Watch the first split of the pool which took place on 13th August 2020.

win prizes

walking to the moon

With YourFitWay you can participate in #WalkingToTheMoon initiative walk to the moon with us and win prizes! Every Thursday there is a draw for people who took part in the conquest and walked 10,000 steps. Prizes are YourFitWay t-shirts and New Balance shoes worth up to $100. Join the game and win. You can join with this Facebook group.

YourFItWay - Walking To The Moon
YourFitWay - Walking To The Moon

Register and claim a voucher

Register here and use 30 days voucher X1RP-GM2Q-38HA-0OUJ for subscription in your dashboard. Use our contact form for any questions. Start using the YourFitWay App and gain health and money! Just write “voucher” and e-mail address that you registered. We will send the voucher with instructions to you quickly! You can also use our live chat to get it. After registration download the App and that’s it. It’s easy peasy!
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Having problems with registration? Check “Registration process” video in Videos section.


Watch some videos from YourFitWay!

YourFitWay Company and marketing plan presentation
YourFitWay Chests opening
YourFitWay First pool split 13th August 2020
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